.BYI. usually very slow to replying to DMs, i don't regularly check all listed socials and i can be inactive for long periods of time
.DNI. basic dni criteria, zionists, proshippers, dream/dteam fans, wilbur soot/lovejoy defenders/supporters
(this will be updated overtime)

โ‰ก I Love Them

.MOST IMPORTANT. los campesinos!โ—ž talking heads โ—ž crywank โ—ž idkhow โ—ž femtanyl โ—ž artms โ—ž vocal synth
.เซฎโ‚ หƒ โค™ ห‚ โ‚Žแƒโ™ก. loossemble โ—ž my chemical romance โ—ž julie โ—ž car seat headrest โ—ž knower โ—ž vizelj โ—ž koikoi
.OTHERS. rhythm games (pjsk&pjdv) โ—ž formula1 โ—ž old web โ—ž editing โ—ž movies

Likes โœ…

editing, listening to music, movies, cooking, video games, coding

Dislikes โŒ

overly rude and toxic people, gossiping, debates

What's on your mind?

feel free to leave anything in the chatbox! ^_^